Month: May 2017


9SHARESShareTweetSubscribe Mango season is here again, so many people are enjoying the fruit, while some are afraid of stomach related issues.The truth is that if you are not eating this fruit, you are missing the wonderful nutritional content contained in the fruit. These delicious tropical fruits are full of powerful antioxidants and are potent detoxifiers of the entire system. BETA-CAROTENE Like all orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, Mangoes contain beta-carotene .The darker the colour of a fruit, the more beta-carotene it contains. The body converts the beta-carotene to vitamin A and as these fruits have plenty of Vitamin...

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0SHARESShareTweetSubscribe Stockfish is truly a wonderful and special fish………Did you know that stockfish is a high protein, low fat food that contains most essential nutrients needed for the body? Well, let’s see some winning facts we can tap from this article on what stockfish (Atlantic cod) is all about and what we can gain from eating this nutritious fish.   Just a little bit of story about this fish, let me just quickly mention that there is no complete traditional African soup especially the Igbo part of Nigerian soup that is not prepared with dried stockfish. Any local soup without some...

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7SHARESShareTweetSubscribe Pneumonia kills more children than any other illness – more than AIDS, malaria and measles combined. Over 2 million children die from pneumonia each year, accounting for almost 1 in 5 under five deaths worldwide. Yet, little attention is paid to this disease. This joint UNICEF/WHO report examines the epidemiological evidence on the burden and distribution of pneumonia and assesses current levels of treatment and prevention. It is a call to action to reduce pneumonia mortality, a key step towards the achievement of the millennium development goal on child mortality. Key facts Pneumonia accounts for 16% of all...

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4SHARESShareTweetSubscribe The tiger-nut milk compared with any other soft drink is not just a refreshing drink but also very healthy .It contributes to the reduction of the cholesterol by diminishing the bad Cholesterol low density lipoprotein (LDL),and increasing the good Cholesterol,high density lipoprotein (HDL) Its content of Vitamin E also collaborates against the cholesterol because it has an antioxidant effect over fat,which are ideal for coronary heart disease . Tiger-nut was report to help in preventing  heart thrombosis and activates blood circulation ,responsible for preventing and treating urinary track and bacterial infection and also assist in reducing the risk of...

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3SHARESShareTweetSubscribe Potassium bromate is a flour improver that acts as a maturing agent. It acts principally in the late dough stage giving strength to the dough during the late proofing and early baking .Potassium bromate takes the form of white crystals or powder. Potassium bromate has been used as a dough conditional for the past 60 years. According to USDA, it improves dough processing properties. In  Nigeria, the bromate use in bread making was banned in 1993  However, some bread makers have continued to include potassium bromate in their bread.   BAD HEALTH EFFECTS In tests on lab animals,...

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