The tiger-nut milk compared with any other soft drink is not just a refreshing drink but also very healthy .It contributes to the reduction of the cholesterol by diminishing the bad Cholesterol low density lipoprotein (LDL),and increasing the good Cholesterol,high density lipoprotein (HDL)

Its content of Vitamin E also collaborates against the cholesterol because it has an antioxidant effect over fat,which are ideal for coronary heart disease .

Tiger-nut was report to help in preventing  heart thrombosis and activates blood circulation ,responsible for preventing and treating urinary track and bacterial infection and also assist in reducing the risk of colon cancer.

They are thought to be beneficial  to diabetic and those seeking to reduce weight, the fibre content combined with a delicious taste make them ideal for healthy eating .

Tiger-nut milk has been  found to be good for preventing arteriosclerosis, since its consumption can help prevent heart problems and thrombosis and activate blood circulation .

Tiger-nut without sugar can be used for diabetes ,for the carbohydrate content  with best of sucrose and starch and due to its high content arginine,which liberates the hormone insulin.

Tiger-nut milk is also suitable drink celiac patients,who ae not able to tolerate gluten and also for the lacto-intolerant who stays away from cow milk and many diary foods.

It could also be recommended for those who have problems with indigestion,flatulence and diarrhea because it provides some digestive enzymes like catalase,lipase and amylase.

Tiger-nut is also recommended for those with heavy digestion ,flatulence,dysentery and diarrhea because it provides a lot of digestive enzymes diuretic stimulant and tonic in addition to being thirst quencher.

Tiger-nut  milk is rich in minerals like Phosphorus,calcium,Magnesium,iron and in Vitamin C and E .

Its energic value(100cal/100g)makes it a very good energetic  drink which helps in men sexual performance .

A very important point is that it does not contain Lactose or gluten .Tiger-nut are aphrodisiac(a food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire) and carminative,also promote Urine Production and Menstruation.



It can be consumed raw,roasted,dried,baked or as tiger-nut milk or oil.