Some 90% of accidents in the home that involves electricity happen in the bathroom .The chief hazards here are the combination of water and electricity,water itself and medicines left within reach of children .Getting in or out  of the bath is another hazard .It is a common cause of falls,particularly among elderly people,but these can be minimized by choosing a bath with side grips and placing a non-slip mat on the base.Children love bath time but need to be supervised-leaving them alone in the bath could have fatal results.

The two big dangers that come together in the bathroom are water and electricity.Together they form a lethal combination that , if not treated with the greatest care may lead to tragedy .

Water alone is a particular hazard to children,making careful supervision during bath time is essential.

Electrical equipment -unless designed to be used in a bathroom -should be avoided at all cost.You should not,for example take a mains-operated sound system into the bathroom.

All medicines should be kept in a medicine cabinet -this is particularly important if children live in the house or likely to come to visit.The cabinet should be safely screwed to the a wall,well out of the reach of children.


Bathing babies and children up to the age of 5 years should always be supervised an adult .Young babies should be bathed in a baby bath or on a specially shaped foam insert for a normal bath. For toddlers and older children,make sure you do not overfill the bath and avoid using slippery bath foams.

It is essential that you test the temperature of the water before the baby or child is immersed.For a baby,use your elbow-the water should be just warm.


Favorite teenage enjoy bathing while listening to music,They should know the dangers of dragging a sound system into the bathroom using an extension lead.Water is the a great conductor of electricity,so electric shocks in the bath are usually fatal.

Teenagers should also be made aware that falling asleep in the bath and bathing after they have consumed alcohol or illegal drugs is potentially very dangerous.


Fatigue,reduced mobility and lapses in concentration or memory can lead to the elderly having accidents in the bathroom .They may slip slip and have nasty fall .They may fall asleep in the bath making drowning a real possibility.

Make sure that the bathroom of an elderly person is as safe as possible.You should install a bath with hand grips in the sides and place a non-slip mat in the bath,to reduce the risk of fall when getting and getting out of the bath .Elderly people should wear a call alarm to enable them raise alarm to the emergency services in the event of an accident.


Until your baby starts to demand the right to sit up and play,this is the way to hold them safely in the bath so they cannot slip or roll over .Always remember to check that the water is not too hot before you begin bathing.

1.Hold the baby cradled in your left arm(right arm if left -handed)


2.With your left hand supporting the back and neck,gently wash the baby’s hair with your right hand



3.Hold high up  under the baby’s left arm and use your right hand to support their bottom.Gently lower the baby into the water


4.Use your right hand to wash,while continuing to keep a firm grip of the baby with your left hand.


5.Once you’ve finished bathing the baby,wrap their head and body in a towel and dry thoroughly


IN SUMMARY……………………………………..


>Turn down the hot water thermostat to 45°C(130°F)

>Make sure that all bathroom lights have pulley switches;do not use wall mounted switches

>Have a non-slip floor.Avoid using rugs and mats in the bathroom


>Always run the cold water into the bath before the hot.This avoids any risk of the child scalding themselves if they get into the water unaided.

>Never leave a step or chair near or next to the bath.Toddlers are fearless,and if they see a toy floating invitingly on the surface of the water,they will reach for it.

>Dont ask an older child to watch over your toddler in the bath .They are unlikely to exercise the same care as an adult.

>Dont give children baths in shifts if it means leaving in the bath water with no adult in attendance.Empty the bath while you put small children to bed,and refill it for the older Children later.

>Be aware that a razor looks like a toothbrush to a toddler ,so they might try to use it like one .keep all sharp objects out of their way.

>Bathroom doors should be impossible for a child to lock .The easiest way to achieve this is to place the lock high up out of small children’s reach.


>Never leave a baby (or child )unattended in the bath

>Be wary of leaving bath duty to someone who is not familiar with bathing children .Drowning accidents happen most often when the bathing is carried out by someone who does not realize the dangers .

>Even if the baby is in a baby bath seat,do not leave them unattended

>Ignore a ringing telephone or doorbell -or get your child out of the bath before you answer it