If you suffer from any of the complaints or conditions in this post,it is recommended that you eat more of the suggested foods.

– Anxiety and Depression:

  Bananas ,Broccoli ,Oats


 These foods help protect against the risk of cancer…. Bananas,Beans and lentils,   Broccoli

Cabbage,oats,Oily fish ,Olive oil,Papayas and Mangoes, peppers , Seeds, Soya &Tofu,Spinach,

Sweet potatoes,Tomatoes,Watercress

-Cholesterol (To reduce):

Apples,Bananas,Beans & lentils,Garlic,Nuts,Oats,Oily Fish ,Olive oil, Soya                                                       & Tofu ,Watercress

-Circulatory Problems and Anemia:                                                                                                   Beetroot,Blackberries,Blackcurrant,Blueberries,Redcurrants,Cabbage,Carrots,Game,Garlic,Honey,Nuts,  Oats,Papayas & Mangoes,Spinach,Sweet potatoes,Tomatoes,Watercress

-Detoxifying(These foods help prevent build-up of toxins) Apples & pears ,Beans & lentils,Broccoli,Carrot ,spinach , sweet potatoes ,watercress

-Digestive Problems  

Apples & pears ,Beans & lentils,Broccoli,Carrot ,spinach , sweet potatoes ,watercress,Papayas and Mangoes, peppers,Soya &Tofu ,cabbage,Raspberries,seeds watercress,Tomatoes,Yogurt,Oats,olive Oil,Honey,Linseed.

-Energy Deficiency

Apples & pears,Bananas,Blackberries ,Broccoli ,Honey,Nuts,Papayas and mangoes,peppers,Spinach ,Sweet potatoes and yams,watercress


Carrots,Spinach,Sunflower seeds

-Heart disease and stroke/high blood pressure

  (These foods lower the risk of heart disease and help reduce high blood pressure.)

Bananas ,carrot ,Broccoli,Garlic ,Nuts ,Oil fish ,Olive oil,seaweed & sea vegetables,seeds,Soya & Tofu,Spinach,Sweet Potatoes ,Tomatoes,Watercress.

-Immune system deficiency

Apples & pears ,Beetroot,Broccoli,Cabbage ,Carrots,Game ,Garlic,Honey,Oily fish,papayas & mangoes ,peppers ,seaweed& sea vegetable,Seeds,Spinach, sweet potatoes,Tomatoes,watercress

-Kidney,liver,bladder&urinary infections

Beans & lentils ,Beetroot,Blackcurrants,broccoli ,Cabbage,carrots,Chickpeas,cranberries,garlic,Honey, sweet potatoes,Tomatoes,watercress,yogurt

-PMS/Menstrual problem

Bananas,Beans & lentils ,Beetroot,Berries,Carrots ,Linseed, Soya & Tofu,Yams,Nuts,Oats , oily fish

-Nervous System

Bananas,Broccoli,Cabbage,Game,Nuts,oats ,Seaweed&sea vegetables,Seeds,Spinach, Sweet Potatoes,watercress

-Prostrate Problems

Pumpkin seeds,Tomatoes

-Respiratory Problems /cough & colds

Apples & blackberries ,Broccoli,Cabbage , Carrots,Cranberries ,Garlic,Honey , Olive oil


-Rheumatism & rheumatoid arthritis 

Beans & lentils ,Honey,Apples ,Nuts ,oily fish , Seeds, Strawberries.

-Skin conditions 

Apples & Pears ,Broccoli,Cabbage,Carrots ,Nuts ,Oily fish ,Olive Oil,Papayas & mangoes,Strawberries,Sweet potatoes,Watercress

-Sleeping Problems


-Strong teeth,bone,connective tissue…..(These foods help to build strong teeth ,bones etc.)

Carrots ,Oats ,Oily fish ,Papayas & mangoes ,Soya & Tofu ,Spinach ,Sweet potatoes,watercress

-Thyroid Problems

Cabbage ,Oats ,Pears ,Seaweed & sea vegetables,Watercress